What Will You Learn In A Rhema Awareness Course?

Christianity is a religion based on the most important relationship any human can ever have: the relationship between you and Jesus Christ. Christianity is a two-way street. You must talk to God through prayer, but God must also talk to you. Rhema is the way God communicates with people. It's not always easy to hear God's voice, but a rhema awareness class can increase your sensitivity to the word of God. Here are three things you can learn in an online rhema awareness course:

1. Bible Study

The Bible is the most important object in any Christian's life. The Bible can teach you how to live the kind of life that God desires. It's one of the ways you can discern God's word, which makes it a crucial part of rhema awareness. During a rhema awareness course, you can learn about the various ways to study the Bible. Your instructor can teach you Bible study techniques that will help you understand the meaning of any Bible passage you read, taking into account the history and writer of the text.

2. God's Grace

Original sin describes the incident that first separated mankind from God. Thanks to this separation, all people are born with sin and therefore will go to hell. However, God created a way for people to be saved. Salvation can't be earned. Rather, it's a gift that's freely offered; this is the meaning of grace. God's grace can be difficult to understand since there's nothing else like it. However, understanding the meaning of grace is necessary for hearing and understanding God's word. In a rhema awareness course, you can learn how to look for instances of God's grace in your life.

3. Discerning The Voice Of The Holy Spirit

God speaks to Christians through the Holy Spirit. Learning to hear the Holy Spirit takes some practice because it requires stillness and a quiet mind. In an online rhema awareness course, you can learn how to identify the voice of the Holy Spirit. You may learn the importance of comparing anything the Spirit tells you against the Bible since God will never tell you something that contradicts his word.

If you'd like to become more in tune with God's voice and presence, a rhema awareness course can help. There are online rhema awareness courses, where you can take classes remotely. Practice safe social distancing while learning more about the ways God communicates with mankind.