What Benefits Do Catholic School Art Programs Impart?

Art is considered by many to be one of the purest expressions of the human condition. However, an art education can enable people to understand and create better art through time-honored methods. Fortunately, creatively inclined students can learn about art at Catholic schools. These are some of the things that students can receive in a Catholic high school art program:

1. The History Of Art And The Church

The Catholic Church has a rich tradition of art patronage. Many famous works throughout history were originally made to depict scenes from the Bible or to venerate saints. In this way, learning about art can help students learn more about the history of the church. Studying art history can make students better artists as they discover the perspectives of artists from centuries past. A well-rounded art history education can help students become cultured in ways that can benefit them throughout their lives.

2. Biblical Perspectives On Art

The Bible is full of wisdom for everyday life. In conjunction with church canon, the Bible tells people everything they need to know to live God-honoring lives. The Bible can also offer Christian perspectives on enjoying and creating art. After all, God Himself is widely known in the Bible as the Creator. In Catholic art programs, high school students can explore questions of morality as they pertain to visual and written work. Art teachers can guide students as they navigate the ethics of making art as Christians and learn how to create art that pleases God.

3. Practical Art Training

Catholic high school art programs can also offer students practical training in art creation. Kids can learn how to use various mediums, from acrylic paints to clay. Learning the fundamentals of art can enable students to express themselves and develop their own artistic visions. The critique of teachers will challenge students to better themselves in art as well as their other academic pursuits.

4. Preparation For College

Many people enjoy art as a hobby, but some people will choose to pursue it in a more serious way. Students who are interested in continuing their art education at an art school or similar institution can receive guidance in their Catholic high school art program. In addition to transcripts and applications, many art schools require a portfolio of a student's work for consideration. The teachers at Catholic high school art programs can help students build their portfolios through class assignments and extracurricular tutoring. Art teachers can help students understand what to expect in art school so they can enter college equipped for success and feeling prepared.  

For more info about Catholic school art programs, visit a local school.